Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monsoon for Kerala can be delayed beyond 3-Jun-2014.

In next 36hrs, the low-level circulation of 92B is expected to die over N,central Bengal ... http://ow.ly/i/5HsEC 
On 29-May, the inland N-S trough from Bihar to N,N-central Tamilnadu will re-establish again ... http://ow.ly/i/5Hsmt 

Around 29/30-May, the N-W to E India Heat LOW is expected to be around 998mb and this forms the monsoon axis.. http://ow.ly/i/5HsLi 
The Arabian sea offshore trough is also expected to take shape slowly around 29/30-May... http://ow.ly/i/5HsLi

Monsoon for Kerala can be delayed beyond 3-Jun-2014.
But monsoon current expected to push into Bangladesh, S Bengal,N-E states on 3-Jun !

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs ::

During next 12hrs, T showers expected over W-Ghats Kerala, N,N-W,N-central,N-E Tamilnadu and into S,S-central Karnataka, S Andhra.
HEAVY widespread rain to continue over Jharkhand, central,N Bengal and into Bihar till noon of 28-May.
Tomorrow, more T showers expected ALL along W-ghats Kerala, W-ghats Karnataka, N,N-W,N-E,N-central Tamilnadu... http://ow.ly/i/5HtXA 
On 28-May, Scattered T showers also for S,S-central Karnataka, S,W,S-central,N-E Andhra ... http://ow.ly/i/5Hu0b 

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