Thursday, March 06, 2014

What is in Store for the weekend ( 7th/8th/9th March) now, Weatherwise ?

Friday and Saturday: Thunder storms and rains in Nasik, Aurangabad and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra.. Lighter rainfall in Pune, Satara and Solupur region. West Vidharbh also gets some Thunder showers in the evening.
Light showers in Coastal Odisha. 
Dry weather elsewhere. This will result in a rise in day temperatures in the Sindh, Rajasthan and Gujarat regions. 

Sunday: Rains decreasing considerably in Interior Maharashtra. In fact, overall in the sub continent, the rains will restricted to small patches in Coastal Odisha and Interior Karnataka and Nasik/Jalgaon regions of Maharashtra.
The first WD of March, M-1 moves east into India on 10th March. Likely to be "moderately" strong, and effective in Northern plains for 2 days.

Sunday, we see M-1, the first WD in March, moving into Pakistan. Pakistan will see precipitation increasing in the North. Precipitation likely in Pak Punjab and Extreme North of the country. 

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