Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The High pressure wind from Japan & China

11 Feb 2014 / 0600 Z Chart
[1] Winds from HIGH pressures in Japan & China are engulfing from NEly direction south eastern coastal regions of East coast of India. This may perhaps one of the reasons for continuous lower minimum temperature in Chennai and adjoining  coastal area.  

[2] Further the apparent movement of Sun towards NORTH is also making impact on temperatures in lower latitude and discontinuity in winds field is is also evident.

[3] However the increase in cold in North & Central India is due to N/NW wind coming after the passage of WD


     Yesterday my friend working in TN Forest contacted me to part with solution to chase 40 odd elephants which invaded SANAMAVU village near Hosur.  I have advised to keep powerful pointer GREEN LASER for his safety to browse the bushes from distant and to thwart elephants from advancing into civilian land.  

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