Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LEHAR - maintains its intensity and reached 13N. Central Andhra coast landfall !

Analysis of Cyclone Lehar at 7:30pm, it has maintained its intensity ALL thru the day and moved W-N-W.
Now, pressure is same around 986 mb.
At present the Cyclone is interacting with DRY winds from N,N-W India.
During next 24hrs, it'll move into slightly colder waters. 
The system may not further intensify during the next 24hrs.
Present location is plotted here ... it has reached Central Bay parallel to #Chennai.

Latest track forecast by various weather models suggest a central Andhra coast by morning / noon of Thursday, 28-Nov-2013.

There are 2 anti-cyclones which is and "may" guide the system in next 24 to 36hrs.
A low, mid level anti-cyclone is expected to drift into N-E Bay from Myanmar.
The present upper level anti-cyclone over N-E Andhra and along S-E coast is expected to move N-E in 24hrs, these 2 systems will make sure the Cyclone moves in a W-N-W direction till tomorrow evening.

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