Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cyclone LEHAR - 10:30pm, Where is it ?

Where is Cyclone LEHAR ? ... It has undergone rapid weakening during past 6hrs after 5pm ... 

At present, it's a cyclone with winds reaching to 60 to 80 kmph.
Going by the present weakening trend, it may be "shot down over sea itself".
The system will downgrade to Deep depression during next 6hrs and reach Machilipatnam and Ongole coast around morning.
Heavy rain is still expected along central,S-central,N Andhra coast during next 24hrs.
Showers may even reach upto Odisha coast tomorrow.
By evening of 28-Nov-2013, the entire system may fizzle out along Machilipatnam coast itself, similar to Cyclone Helen.

This rapid weakening is caused by DRY winds from N,N-W India, latest analysis show that the Cyclone is encircled by these dry winds. This parameter is coupled with "Not so favorable Sea surface temperature along coast" as well.

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