Saturday, October 05, 2013

Latest around #India at 3:30pm - "Heavy rain over Bihar, Bengal"

#Chennai - 3:30pm, Again a CLEAR day with NO cloud formation. #HOT at 34 C (3pm).

#Kolkata - Airport has reported "Thunder storm" at 3:20pm.

Belgaum - Monsoon is active here ..from morning it was raining moderate . now its heavy at 11.30 am

Davangere - 1:36pm, "cloudy and windy,couple of passing drizzles till now"

#Bangalore - 3:28pm, "Cloud formations during past 30 mins. Its overcast now"

RT @anshulchopra: Looking dangerous #Mumbai #rain #clouds storm??? (1:07pm)

3:30pm, HEAVY rain has pushed into Bihar, scattered over Maharastra coast, N Chatisgarh, N Odisha, S,central,N Bengal 
Latest analysis show that, the circulation is over kanpu, Lucknow zone and the Maharastra coast trough persists but weak !

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