Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gujarat ! Rain expected till Friday evening.

3pm, HEAVY showers continue over S-W,W Gujarat and rain starting to push into Sindh province as well.. 

Gujarat HEAVY rainfall till 8:30am today :

Kamrej (dist Surat) 25, Olpad (dist Surat) 24, Choryasi (dist Surat) 22, Hansot_arg (dist Broach) 22, Palsana (dist Surat) 18, Karjan (dist Baroda) 17, Vagra (dist Broach) 17, Hansot (dist Broach) 17, Ranpur (dist Ahmedabad) 16, Barvala (dist Ahmedabad) 15, Jalalpor (dist Navsari) 15, Sanand (dist Ahmedabad) 15, Bharuch (dist Broach) 15, Padra (dist Baroda) 13, Bardoli (dist Surat) 13, Navsari (dist Navsari) 12, Ankleshwer (dist Broach) 11, Dhandhuka (dist Ahmedabad) 10

Rajkot (dist Rajkot) 39, Visavadar (dist Junagarh) 34, Babra (dist Amreli) 28, Jasdan (dist Rajkot) 23, Chotila (dist Surendranagar) 22, Gadhda (dist Bhavnagar) 21, Jamjodhpur (dist Jamnagar) 21, Kotdasangani (dist Rajkot) 20, Botad (dist Bhavnagar) 18, Paddhari (dist Rajkot) 18, Dhari (dist Amreli) 18, Lodhika_arg (dist Rajkot) 17, Botad_arg (dist Bhavnagar) 17, Bhavnagar (dist Bhavnagar) 17, Bhanvad (dist Jamnagar) 16, Savarkundla (dist Amreli) 15, Visavdhar_arg (dist Junagarh) 15, Savarkundala_arg (dist Amreli) 15, Khambha (dist Amreli) 14, Lodhika (dist Rajkot) 13, Sayla (dist Surendranagar) 13, Dhoraji (dist Rajkot) 13, Gondal (dist Rajkot) 13, Sutrapada (dist Junagarh) 13, Kodinar (dist Junagarh) 12, Muli (dist Surendranagar) 12, Jetpur (dist Rajkot) 12, Jafrabad (dist Amreli) 11, Lathi (dist Amreli) 11, Khambhalia (dist Jamnagar) 11, Kalavad (dist Jamnagar) 11, Palitana (dist Bhavnagar) 11, Jodia (dist Jamnagar) 11, Kalyanpur (dist Jamnagar) 10, Dhrol_arg (dist Jamnagar) 10, Jafrabad_arg (dist Amreli) 10

Latest Analysis show that the Gujarat circulation has drifted W-N-W and now over N Gujarat with increased strength.. 

Heavy rains flood Gujarat, 50,000 people displaced... 
Rains, poor infrastructure bring Gujarat to standstill ... PHOTOS ... 
Heavy rain pounds Gujarat; road, rail traffic hit ... 

Some Photos from

During next 24hrs, the Gujarat circulation is expected to enter into S-W Rajasthan and adjoining Pakistan .. 
WRF model suggests that the circulation will fizzle out on 28-Sep over S-W Rajasthan.

Now it's turn for W,N,N-W Gujarat to get HEAVY Rain till Friday evening !
Due to N Gujarat circulation, some HEAVY rain may push into S,S-W Rajasthan during next 36hrs.

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