Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weather roundup at 3pm.. with updates from Kabarwala, Delhi, Badlapur, Bangalore

Kabarwala, S-W.Punjab - 11:30am, "Intermittent showers from morning, Rainfall till 8:30am was 14 cm"
Kabarwala - Pic of submerged agriculture fields after last evening and midnight rain ... 

RT @ganpatteli1: Rainy morning in south #delhi  @weatherofindia  (7:37am)
RT @ganpatteli1: Drenched #Delhi @weatherofindia  (8:28am)

Badlapur, 9:30am - "Lovely weather, as low dark clouds almost rushing to the base of mountain".. 

#Bangalore - 3:06pm, "Raining in Anjanapura zone" ...  >> Taken from Facebook Group 

#Chennai - 3:18pm, Partly cloudy with BRIGHT sun shine. Refreshing to see SUN again after many days ! "Again showers expected after 5pm"

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