Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heat Wave to Grip NW India ans Pakistan Regions: 

Hottest in Pakistan on Thursday, 16th May: Larkana 48c., Jacobabad 47c.

Hottest in India on Thursday: Barmer and Jaisalmer at  46.0c, Nagpur 45.6c Ramagundam 45.0c.

Weather for the weekend, 17th,18th and 19th May.

North India remains dry and hot.

We see the day temperatures rising in Balochistan  and Sindh in Pakistan thru Rajasthan , Punjab, Haryana and Delhi into India. 
Hot conditions likely in Gujarat, UP and Northern MP.

Day temperatures likely to reach 49/50c in Balochistan/Sindh regions of Pakistan.
Rajasthan, adjoining MP and Haryana will see 45/46c, with the odd 47c.

Depression BB-1, erstwhile Cyclone Mahasen will move away, and precipitate rains in Meghalaya and NE states as a depression .

The Line of Wind discontinuity, runs perfectly in the peninsula, from North Mah down South till Kerala.

Weekend will see moderate thundershowers in N.I.Karnataka.
S.I. Kanataka will get heavy thunder showers on all the forecasted days.
Particularly heavy rains are possible in the districts of Dakshin Karnataka, Hasan, Kodagu, Mandya, Tumkur and Bangalore.

Bangalore can expect heavy thunder showers and squall on the weekend.
On Sunday, a vortex may form in the trough, around S.I. Karnataka, hence I would expect heavy showers for Bangalore on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

City Forecasts on vagaries

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