Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Mcloedganj W.D snow and rain report - "moment-by-moment."

*Update @ 8:31pm... Another 0.19" (5mm) of rain and melted snow in the past hour.  Total precipitation now 4.28" (10.9cm) since Sunday night.  With a current temp of 37.9F (3.3C), it's hard to get this snow to stick and accumulate.  It is melting almost as fast as it falls.  Since the freezing level is just a couple of hundred meters above, we could start getting some significant accumulations overnight... but it's too close to call at the moment. 
*Update @ 7:29pm... I have 1.66" (4.2cm) of rain and melted snow/sleet in my rain gauge since 4:30pm.  That amounts to a total of 4.09" (10.4cm) since this storm began on Sunday night.  Snow accumulation at my location at the very top of McLeod Ganj is about 1.5", and it is snowing (with a little rain mixed in) now.  Current temp: 35.4F (1.9C).
*Update @ 6:28pm... Moderate snow (still mixed with rain) in progress here in the middle of McLeod.  It is accumulating on rooftops and cars, with about an inch of slush in the streets.  Will post temps and rain gauge info when I get back within reach. 
*Update @ 6:01pm... Well it truly is 'moment-by-moment'.  A light, slushy accumulation of snow is already occurring in the main market in McLeod Ganj.   It is a very wet snow, but snow it is!

Things began to change radically and dramatically around 4:30pm, with a sudden lowering/thickening of the cloud cover, the appearance of fog, and the development of some much more substantial rain shower action.  We've also had some sleet mixed in, along with thunder since just a few minutes ago (5:30pm).

This is now a moment-by-moment situation to watch how this huge storm system interacts with the mountains this evening and overnight.  The upper-level circulation is further north than expected -- over northeastern Pakistan, just west of Jammu -- but should begin to shift more toward the east during the next 12-24 hours.  This will put it right over Himachal during Wednesday.

The uncertainty that exists is a broad tongue of drier air which has been drawn into the midst of the storm's rotation.  That's what kept our rain amounts down today, and what could cut off the rain again later this evening.  On the other hand, this current deep moisture could remain entrenched along the leading edge of the mountains, providing us with plenty of rain and snow as the night wears on. 

Check back here throughout the evening for updated information, including current temps, rainfall amounts, potential changeover to snow in our vicinity, etc.

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