Thursday, November 15, 2012

"98B" - continues to move N-N-E, Has reached point of NO return.

1:30pm latest...
"98B" - continues to move N-N-E and it has reached point of NO return.
Latest Satellite pic reveals that the system continues to be active.

Here's the latest position plot on map. 
Position is 13.5N & 91.1E

Along and above 13th parallel the 200hpa level Jet is from South West.. so this will steer the system to North or North-East from now on.
COLA model suggests that "98B" will not make landfall anywhere..!!
Instead it'll move North into Bay and then linger along in that zone till 20/21-Nov.
Importantly NO Rain for most of Tamilnadu till 22-Nov.
Some showers are expected over S.Tamilnadu & S.Kerala during next 3 days.

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