Sunday, July 08, 2012

Today, the vertical velocity is high over Central, S,S-E coast. Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and #chennai ...

Vertical velocity along S,central coast.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu , #Chennai will be high till midnight today.. T.showers expected in these zones.

For next 24hrs, vertical velocity along Coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshadweep will be high. Sharp showers forecast.. 

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  1. Bangalore - rain clouds gone with the wind!!! Continous tree loss, loss of lakes, no efforts for tree plantation - massive serious drought.

    As told by Puttana - weather division of Bangalore. Wonder what is government doing to mitigate this????
    In Bangalore, wind blowing at a high speed is a common phenomenon during the pre-monsoon months. This year, the wind has marked its presence only in July. Meteorology department officials say these winds are the harbingers of rain in the coastal areas. The officials say as it is only now—peak monsoon season, calendar wise—that the wind has picked up speed, it indicates that the city is going to receive low rainfall.

    B Puttanna, director, Meteorological Centre, Bangalore, said Bangalore is in the rain-shadow area. He explained that the wind that travels upwards on the other side of the mountains travels downwards in rain-shadow areas. He said if gusty winds did not stop soon, it would mean the city would witness failed monsoon.
    He said wind blowing at a speed of more than 40 kmph is called jet wind and brings in a lot of dust. He said Bangalore’s tree cover has come down drastically and there are no barriers for wind.
    He said the city can get rain only after the wind ceases, adding that the wind pushes away the rain-bearing clouds.

    Puttanna said interior Karnataka will get rain only if an upper air circulation generates in Andhra Pradesh or Bay of Bengal. Puttanna said this year, rainfall has been less than 50% in the entire country, except in areas like Karavali, Bagamandala, Malnad and other coastal areas.

    He said if the upper air circulation does not bring rains, the meteorology department would have to declare that monsoon failed this season.

    He said groundwater had already depleted in peripheral areas of the city because of deficient rainfall.