Saturday, June 02, 2012

With Systems absconding from the Bay, the winds turn SW along the AP Coast.."anti" sea breeze blows. And now AP Coast Heats up now !

Kakinada Sizzles at 47.4c on Saturday. The highest ever was 47.2c in 1923. Rentachintala 46.8c. Machillipatnam soared to 46.1c. 

Kakinada winds changed in the past 48 hrs, and a new record was set !  AP is not dry normally, so such a sudden rise and sizzler was unexpected.

Today's (Saturday)  Highest in Sub Continent  was Dadu (Pakistan ) at 48.5c. In India Allahbad saw 47.7c. New Delhi was at 44.4c and Chennai baked at 43.2c.

Makkah (S.Arabia) touched 50c today (Saturday).

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