Monday, June 18, 2012

1. All perfect for the West Coast. As hoped for on Friday, an UAC "dutifully" forms embedded in the trough off the West Coast of India. And, this pulled up the SWM up the Mah coast upto 20N, and moved monsoon clouds into Western/Southern interior Mah.
2. This was also aided by the remnants of the UAC tracking inwards from the East coast. Now, with a vortex just North of Hyderabad, which is expected to linger in the region of North AP (Hyderabad), N.I.Karnataka (Gulbarga) and adjoining Marathwada, Heavy rain with thunder could be expected in the regions mentioned above thru the life expectancy of the UAC, 2 days, Monday18th and Tuesday 19th.

Hyderabad gets good rainfall till Tuesday, decreasing thereafter.
(sset)Bangalore may see the effect of clouds and some light rains on Monday. As there is no system thereafter, Bangalore will get no meaning full rains till Friday next.
Pune will see clouding and some rains upto 10 mms on Monday, and decreasing from Tuesday. Warming up to 34/35c after Tuesday.
Kolkata will see a slight decrease in rainfall from Tuesday, with very little rainfall till Thursday 21st at least.

SWM pushing into the Marathwada, N.I.Karnataka and S.Orissa and W.Bengal on Monday and  Hopefully moisture from the UAC will create persistent convective showers in a couple of days thereafter (in isolated pockets)with SWM moving into Vid by Tuesday or Wednesday.

No substantial push Northwards of the Monsoon from this point in the coming week.

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