Sunday, April 29, 2012

Traditional Heat Low

India, looking like an inverted triangle, is standing in the gate way for Indian Ocean (monsoon) winds. The max temp generated by GFS model indicates that eastern side of western ghat is warmer.  The intense land heating is just picked up in Indian landmass along with Bay just north of 13-14 Deg N latitude. As the Sun advances further to North more heating will take place and traditional heat low in NW parts of India will form.
Pluvial lakes formed in Thar desert during last three years SWM rain.  This lakes prevented heating in the NW.  It may be considered as one of the reasons for the delay of  formation or presence of  traditional HEAT LOW in the NW.

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  1. hello Kaneyen: its been long since we have you must have seen from by blog, vagaries, i too am following up the formation of the seasonal low.
    Your point is noted. But what effect will small insignificant lakes, which dry up in summer, have on the formation? In fact the heat is considered from beyond Pakisatn ,and the core extends to Arabia.