Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Seasonal LOW" over N-W India may be delayed !!

Northwest India witnessed overnight rainfall at a few places over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, east Rajasthan and west Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.
Combined with the outlook for another weather-making western disturbance, this rules out any immediate scope of extreme heating to begin in the region.
This would also delay the formation of the ‘seasonal heat low.’ This formation is responsible for pulling in the monsoon current from the southwest.
Latest global forecast indicates that ‘sustained and purposeful’ heating would begin by only the second week of May.
This is based on the assumption that the frequency of contra-indicative western disturbances would wind down by that time.
But models suggest that the mercury may not peak to a level where it could trigger dreaded heat waves in any part of the country.
Searing heat waves are a usual occurrence in northwest India as well as central and east-central India during this time of the year.
Extreme heating of this kind is what helps put the right temperature/pressure gradient into place relative to the ocean. The monsoon rides this gradient from the southwest.

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