Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Shocked Scientists Ask: Is The Sun Is Dying?

Evidence emerged that the sun's core is shrinking—an indication that it may be using up it's hydrogen fuel at a faster rate than previously believed.

Unfortunately, when the thermonuclear reactions at the core begin running out of hydrogen fuel, a star falls back on the next available element it has to burn: helium. Once that process starts, a star the size of our sun begins expanding and becomes a Red Giant.

No, it won't explode as a nova or supernova, it doesn't have the mass. It will just swell up and up and vaporize Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Second, astrophysicists discovered an unknown type of solar particle was mutating matter on Earth. What is this strange new particle? What are its properties? Why is the sun suddenly spitting them out?

No one has a clue.

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