Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An anti-cyclone over Central India, swirling winds clockwise, has resulted in hot, dry winds blowing NE onto the Saurashtra and S.Gujarat/N.Konkan regions in the last 4/5 days. 

Hottest in Asia on Wednesday, 16th November:
Alibag (Maharashtra,India) : 36.4c. 
Mumbai Colaba, second with a close 35.8c.

Late setting in of sea breeze over Mumai has shot the day temperatures to an "all Asia" record for the city a couple of days ago.

Could get hotter at the weekend for Mumbai, as the anti cyclone shifts, and the winds are likely to become "a warm easterly".  Temperature in Mumbai could touch 36/37c on Sunday/Monday. Nights will show a drop upto 21c.

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