Friday, September 09, 2011

Judicious tapping of electrical energy from SWM wind

The two major wind passes in southern Tamilnadu, especially in Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts are  Aralvoimozhi and Shencottai passes. During SWM period, that is during June to September period south-westerly winds with greater force is blowing along the foot hills of western ghats situated in these two districts. In Muppanthal [at Aralvaoimozhi pass] wind mills are generating electrical energy. But wind energy adjacent to the dam sites are not tapped.  Right from Papanasam dam there are several major dams namely Manimuthar, Gadana, Ramanadhi, Adavi naynar, Gundar, Karupanathi etc.  During SWM period wind is blowing with enormous force. While dams are meant for production of hydro electricity, neither TNPWD nor TNEB is considering these dam sites for the production of wind based electricity.  Government of Tamilnadu can consider installing wind mills with Public-Private participation and can tap electricity from the wind energy hitherto wasted in all dam sites.  This electric energy can be fed to TNEB grids and this will help reduce the energy deficiencies  in both the districts

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