Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tulshi in Maharashtra near Mumbai records 566 mm in 24 hrs

In 24hrs, Tulshi lake near Mumbai in Maharashtra has recorded 566 mm rainfall which is the highest till date for any place in India this year.

With this 566 mm rainfall, Tulshi seasonal rainfall from 1st June has gone up to 3760 mm. And the water level is now 100% to full level.


  1. Tulsi lake is natures beauty with dense canopies of forest, hills.
    Tulsi Lake is a fresh water lake in northern Mumbai. It is stated to be the second largest lake in Mumbai and supplies part of the city’s potable water.[1] This is one of the three lakes located in the Salsette Island; the other two being Powai Lake and Vihar Lake.[2] Both Tulsi lake and Vihar lake are located within the densely forested Sanjay Gandhi National Park or also known popularly as the Borivali National Park (BNP).

    With extreme events of rains, definitely we see change in rain patterns - Maharashtra becoming increasing wet, more rains in contrast with south leass rains-no lows.

  2. 566mm of rain in 24hrs Tulsi lake - Mumbai Maharashtra.

    This is exactly equal to Bangalore/Mysore 1 year if rain!!!!!

  3. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Oh!!...No!..Bangalore's average is 970mm!!