Saturday, August 27, 2011

2pm, As COLA model suggested heavy rains for N.coastal and N-W Maharastra (including Mumbai) ... ..


  1. Rajesh/Pradeep ->
    Non stop torrential runs pounding Mumbai - Maharashtra. With all means rains will cross 3000mm by end of august itself all looks will overflow. With september still left will 2011 rains break 2010 record??????

    Meanwhile Pradeep - what is your analysis on NE monsoon to hit south? Earlier we were under impression august will end and september will start withdrawl of SW monsoon- but with La-Nina, lows over west/east coast hitting Maharashtra - will this happen??? Last year NE monsoon was almost very less for TamilNadu - infact only 1cyclone which failed to rain.

    September is peak season for south interior Karnataka to rain - but this year do we see any such affinity? All lows,UACs always over central belt leaving south dry.


  2. Meanwhile can we have position of cauvery - lifeline for south india?