Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ashokbhai (Rajkot) draws my attention to a very interesting, and significant observation of Tuesday, 15th. March, at Ahamdabad airport. He shows, that at the airport observatory site, which can be checked by here, he noticed that the highest reading on Tuesday was 43c at the airport.
And this was nowhere mentioned nor confirmed by IMD .IMD Met. office in the city shows 39.3c as the max. on their site. IMD declared Barmer at 41.3c as the highest yesterday.
Very interesting, and Noteworthy observation ! We must have missed out a few unusual highs this way (hope not). Will have to check all airport readings personally for more accurate and missed out information henceforth !

Pasted below is the reading referred to from the site.

Mar 15 @ 10:10 210° 5 6000 43° 109° 6° 43° 10% 29.73 1007
Mar 15 @ 09:40 220° 4 6000 43° 109° 7° 45° 11% 29.73

By the way, Municipal office at Thane shows a high of 40c recorded on Tuesday.

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