Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Massive Giant Storms of the U.S. and Yasi magnitude draws major attention of meteorologists, but some minor happenings are on around the Indian Sub-Continent:

Southern Region:
91B is currently situated at 5.9N and 83.4E. Wind speed just about 15 kts.and pressure at 1008mb, its just about qualifies as a well marked low. Being embedded in the E. wave, we should presume it to travel east and cross the Sri Lanka coast by tomorrow.Sri Lanka east coast can expect heavy rains due to this system, and some "spill over" on the South T.N. coast. Rainfall into T.N. will not be really heavy.

Northern Region:
The anticipated W.D. is now over Pakistan, where precipitation should have commenced from Wednesday night in the Northern, NWFP and Balochistan areas. Overall, these regions will get good rains/snow Thursday thru Saturday, with Upper Sindh areas getting the odd thundershower on Thursday/ Friday. Sukur and Jacobabad might see these showers.
Actually, on Thursday, the W.D. low is centred over Pakistan's Punjab region, with the precipitation belt stretching from Dubai NE thru Balochistan, Punjab (Pakistan) into Northern Pakistan and North India.

Dubai has received rains today, Wednesday from this system. Strong winds raised sand and dust, and showers lashed the city between 6pm and 7 pm. A reader has put up this pic today taken from her car.

Moving into India from Thursday, states of Kashmir and H.P. will receive heavy snowfall on Thursday thru Monday, and disruption likely in the 2 states due to snow accumulation.The system is expected to persisit due to trough in the upper air stabilising for a few days over the region. Rains/snow in the Northern regions of India will hang on till Monday, after which it will penetrate into Utteranchal hills, U.P. plains and western Nepal.

The plains of Punjab and Haryana will get thundershowers, with the odd one popping up in N.Rajasthan.
Nepal areas will start getting the benfits of this system from Sunday. Kathmandu should get the rainfall on Monday, 7th.

Cold conditions will re-establish over India and Pakistan from this weekend.

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