Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jal Rainfall from 8.30 am to 02.30 pm on 7th

Pondicherry – 83 mm
Mailam (Tindivanam) – 65 mm
Chennai (Nungambakkam) – 40 mm
Chennai (Meeambakkam) – 33 mm
Neyveli – 33 mm
Ennore Port – 32 mm
Madhavaram – 32 mm
Hosur – 21 mm
Chidambaram – 9 mm
Karaikal – 7 mm

Tirumalla – 46 mm
ISRO – 32 mm
Nellore – 15 mm
Bapatla – 1 mm
Kavali – 4 mm


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Looking back at the build up that we had for this storm, it turns out to be just waste. On an average 4 - 6 cm rain through out North and Coastal tamilnadu with a category 1 storm is worthless.
    Just a Low level local thundercells would have yielded around 6 - 8 cms in 1 - 2 hrs. But ofcourse the coverage would be local.
    But from the perspective of Rain, Low pressure troughs are most reliable than depressions, or cyclones.
    - Vasanth

  2. venkatesh6:43 PM

    We should keep our fingers crossed till tomm.we can comment only after the landfall

  3. Its really sad that this monsoon has been very ordinary for Chennai! Will it improve keeping in mind the late onset of NE Monsoon?

  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Looking at the past, the Low pressure troughs that are formed close to south east/south west srilanka were slow movers (towards north direction) and produced lot of rain along the tamilnadu coast line. Such systems hardly reach depression status before losing their strength. But they used to be very productive.
    - Vasanth

  5. Agree - also we see each year NEM gets weaker, less intense, less raining days while SWM becomes more prominent. Effect on TN and SriLanka will be not good.