Friday, October 29, 2010

North Easterly winds are 'RINSING' Tamilnadu coast

  1. North Easterly winds are 'RINSING' south eastern coast of India especially Tamilnadu. The SWM 2010 withdrawal is evident by widespread TS activity in Tamilnadu. Usually withdrawal will be pronounced in coastal areas, where as during this SWM 2010 withdrawal period interior and western parts of TN is experiencing more TS activity than the coastal area.
  2. My friend pointed out a peculiar scenario in which it is noted that western Pacific High Pressure system located in China, is drifting towards WEST.
  3. This upper winds drag clouds along its path.
  4. Further the resultant reaction between receding westerlies and the meso scale incoming easterlies cause horizontal vortex to form and resulted in TS in interior to western parts of TN.
  5. It is interpreted from model OUTPUTS that in the entire troposphere, easterlies will be strengthening within next 36 hrs to proclaim the onset of NEM 2010.
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