Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now a Climate Scientist Register - You Too Can register if Qualified

A common misunderstanding amongst the general public, mainstream media and politicians is that only a small proportion of experts in the climate science community have serious problems with the concept of a carbon dioxide-driven climate crisis. In reality, thousands of climate experts are highly skeptical of this hypothesis.

Consequently, International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) have incorporated the following characteristics into The Climate Scientists' Register for the public to address this problem. The Register states:
“We, the undersigned, having assessed the relevant scientific evidence, do not find convincing support for the hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide are causing, or will in the foreseeable future cause, dangerous global warming."

So far endorsers are from that nation: AlgĂ©ria (1 ), Australia (8),  Bulgaria (1), Canada (14), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), Finland (1), France (1), Germany (4), India (3), Italy (3), Luxembourg (1), Mexico (1), New Zealand (6), Norway (4), Poland (3), Russia (5), South Africa (1), Sweden (8), United Kingdom (6), United States of America (64).


  1. Sir,
    78% of the globe is covered by Ocean / sea water. The land portion is only about 22%. There is no properly documented weather data over high seas are available. Moreover if and only if there is some change [like Tsunami]in the ocean one can expect drastic changes in climate. In English there is a phrase:"SEA CHANGE". This holds good.
    Global Warming & the so called men made Carbon foot print in atmosphere etc are a sort of unnecessary / unwarranted fear that all are instilled in the minds of people. [The much debated OZONE HOLE now becomes Ozone WHOLE]
    Will it be a trade / business tactics to enjoy more share in ever diminishing fossil fuel. Developing countries need more current & electricity, more fossil fuel.Let the supporters of global warming first follow the stipulated guidelines enumerated by IPCC.

  2. Thanx Kaneyan. The media hysteria over 100 years have been documented and it goes cooling-warming-cooling-warming. Every 25-30 years the Pacific Decadal Oscillation changes mode. When it is positive, it generates warming and more el Ninos and when it is in the cold mode, cooling and more frequent and stronger la Ninas. We are in the negative PDO mode now - so the cooling has already started and should be there for the next 20-25 years.

    Also sunspot activity from this millennium is diminishing. It applies to Solar 24 - the current cycle. Whenever sunspot activity diminishes, it signals cooling. Ancient Chinese use to forward trade grain based on sunspots.