Thursday, September 09, 2010

In a day of speedy movement, the hitherto sluggish low, has moved at super speed from M.P.yesterday thru North Mah. and Gujarat today, and now over Gujarat in the evening. The correspnding clouding and rain related to this system has moved thru N,Mah. and Gujarat, today, and shifted location to western Gujarat and adjoining Sindh coast. Today's rain (Thursday) is restricted only to this "catchment" region of the system.(NRL map).

That was fast. Even before I could pre-pone my forecast it has be-littled all estimates and moved away as if being chased out.

Expected to move away west into the sea by tomorrow, (making a bold attempt to forecast this low :), it should precipitate heavy showers along the Kutch and Sindh coast and Karachi.
In the rear of this system, it is expected that having sucked in much moisture, we may expect very little rain in the coming 3/4 day for the entire peninsula region and central regions of india.

The off shore trough along the west coast too is "tired" now, and not expected to be too active next 3/4 days. Albiet we can get just about 5-10 mms/day along
coastal cities.

However, the monsoon axis will be along the Rajasthan-Delhi-NorthM.P.-Jharkhand belt, and these regions would get some rain (not heavy).

"Widhrawal Symptoms":
In the next 2 days we see the monsoon anchor, the Sindh low, becoming 1000/1002 mb. This is normally at 994 mb in
full season, and has been at 998 mb since last week. IMD/GFS map.
We also see in some international models, the 200 hpa jet streams slipping a little below the 30N line, and becoming westerlies in Pakistan from the 11th./12th.
Initial signs of monsoon
moving out from the extreme west and Sindh region would be from early
next week. Say, after the current system,low, has finished its job in coastal Sindh.


  1. Dear Rajesh,

    So when is SWM retreating from Raj,Guj,Mah? Every week only these 3 states get same pattern low pressure, vortex, UAC. We are too tired of rains now.

    For a change.
    Remember famous song by Melody Queen - voice of millenium - "Lata Mangeshkar"
    zindagi bhar nahin bhulegi vo barasaat ki raat
    ek anjaan musaafir se mulaaqaat ki raat
    zindagi bhar nahin bhulegi ................

    haay jis raat mere dil ne dhadakana sikha
    shokh jazabaat ne seene men bhadakana sikha
    meri taqadir men nikhari hui, ho
    meri taqadir men nikhari hui, saramaat ki raat
    zindagi bhar nahin bhulegi.............

    dil ne jab pyaar ke rangin fasaane chhede
    aankhon-aankhon ne vafaaon ke taraane chhede
    soz men doob gai aaj vahi
    soz men doob gai aaj vahi, naghamaat ki raat
    zindagi bhar nahin bhulegi.............

    ruuthanevaali !
    ruuthanevaali meri baat pe maayus na ho
    baheke-baheke Khayaalaat se maayus na ho
    khatm hogi na kabhi tere, ho
    khatm hogi na kabhi tere mere saath ki raat
    zindagi bhar nahin ...,..............

  2. sset,

    Ha.ha ha...thats a good one..:) we're almost singing this song to the UACs and the votice !!
    and sure..once Mumbai crosses the all time record..we'll sing..
    Zindagi bhar nahi bhulenge yeh
    all time record :)