Saturday, August 14, 2010

World feeling the heat- 2010 is becoming the year of Heat waves ... part 2

In response to previous post... World Feeling the Heat

What you have reasoned for the prevailing high temperatures in Russia and northern parts of Europe [Azores High and Ridge etc] may be one of the reasons. But as pointed out by one of environmentalist, perhaps, the volcano eruption in Iceland and the subsequent ocean sub surface temperature increase in the near by sea,due to vents in the tectonic floor in Arctic ocean may be another reason for warmer Russia and Europe.
The La Nina conditions in long run will bring colder current in western Pacific too and as a result the NEM may fail. AS our Director pointed out in 1932 the same situation prevailed. The warmer western Pacific [west of 180 W /International Date Time]may cause flooding and land slide in China i.e NE parts from Pakistan to China [whenever SWM is active in Aug]

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