Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tibetian High strengthening

Tibetian High is strengthening. Upper level winds from this high drags the cloud in NEly / Easterly direction along the path of High Pressure winds. And clouds are forming in middle tropospheric level [say at 500 hPa level] and these clouds were dragged along the upper air wind originating from High Pressure in Tibet. The strong lower level SWM winds above 15 Degree latitude becomes higher level easterly / NEly and becomes divergence.
It has been ascertained from the previous satellite imagery during last week [ from 23.08.2010 to 26.08.2010.] That is why NE states are NOT getting rainfall and Capital Delhi was getting unusual rainfall in Aug.
This is one sort of interpretation. Please comment on it.


  1. venkatesh3:11 PM

    Fresh LOW formation in west-central.
    (IN NEXT 48 HOURS)
    This is conformed in today's IMD update as well.
    Andhra,Kerala,Karnataka will be the initial Beneficieries

  2. venkatesh5:51 PM

    Already Heavy thunder clouds in bangalore.It is going to pour heavily in few minutes