Saturday, June 05, 2010


As on 05.06.2010 / 1200 UTC the following things are observed.
[1] The lower level winds are from NORTH WESTERLY direction. i.e the cross equtorial SWly winds in Arabian Sea gets deflected in North east Arabian sea and blows from NORTH WESTERLY direction. Even though it is NWly it is moisture laden air.
[2] To the west of Westerghats the lower NWly bounces on ghat and gives rainfall .
[3] Winds in the upper lower level NWly [ or spill over] makes a trough with the SOUTHERLY /SWLy winds prevailing at eastern side of western ghats and gives rainfall .
[4] Hyderabad [40.1], Kurnool[40.9], Bhubaneswar[41.0],Jamshedpur[43.3], Gaya[43.5], Nagpur[43.6], Ramagundam [44.4], Jasaguda[44.6] reported maximum temperature greater than 40.0 degree celsius.
The percentage of departure from Normal is +4 to +6.
[5] This will lead to a formation of inland and / or off shore trough or WML
This may give fairly widespread rainfall in the eastern side of the Western ghat

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