Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cycone Phet in Oman !!!

Heavy rainfall has started to fall over some parts of Al-Sharqiya region. Latest Satellite images and numerical weather prediction charts indicate the tropical cyclone PHET over west Arabian Sea has moved further towards North West direction. 

It’s centre is currently located near latitude 18.54 degrees North and longitude 59.4 degrees east. PHET is around 180 km away from Masirah Island. Maximum sustained wind speed around the centre is estimated to be around 180 km/h and by which it is classified as Category 3. 

PHET is expected to continue its movement into a Northwesterly direction towards A’Sharqiya and AlWasta coastal areas in the next 24 hours with 08 km/h associated with heavy thunder shower accompany with strong winds. Regions of, AlDhakhlia and AlBhatinah and Muscat Governate are expected to be affected by the convective cloud between Thursday afternoon until Saturday. 

People in the affected areas are to take precautions on the low lands from flowing Wadis because of the heavy rain and Fishermen are also advised to be precautious as seas are expected to be rough along the Sultanate’s coastal areas especially the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea as wave heights may reach up to 8 metres. 

Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN) will continue watching the weather situation and give updates accordingly.

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