Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mumbai: Intensity of Showers expected to increase  in Mumbai from Sunday evening. Occasional showers, some heavy till Monday evening. Maybe 15-20 mms of rain. These are not Monsoon showers but effect of Low over Gujarat/Rajasthan.  

From Tuesday thru Friday, rains in Mumbai will decrease again.


  1. India toppers from 1.1.10 to 06.06.10 ———————————–—————–
    Cherrapunji 528 cm
    Passighat 178 cm
    Silchar 175 cm
    Itanagar 129 cm
    Dibrugarh 129 cm
    Gangtok 127 cm
    Dhubri 127 cm
    North Lakhimpur 118 cm
    Coochbehar 101 cm
    Guwahati 99 cm
    Lengpui 94 cm
    Agartala 93cm

  2. Phet strengthening before landfall

  3. cyclone phet seems to make a 360degress trajectory. started with south west, went north west, went north east and back to south east. Amazing. Will Mumbai receive 1000mm rain in 24hours as it happened in 2005?

  4. Thanks Pradeep.
    I think this re-curving was expected right from the initial stage of is formation. I was observing the W.D. for the recurving to take effect earlier.
    1000mms for Mumbai?? Don't think so. :)

  5. 100mm for Mumbai - no chance...dont even dream abt 1000mm

    Mumbai will get its share from the low predicted by models around 16-17th