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More about Kanyakumari (cape comorin) >> S-W monsoon first first hits at Cape Comorin

In continuation to our previous post .. A brief history of Kanyakumari district

Not only that my dear friends, even time immemorial Kanyakumari has its glory. It witnessed TSUNAMI in ancient times. There is a reference in 'SILAPATHIKARAM' about it. That PANNMALAI YADUKATHU KUMARICODUM PAKRULIYARUM KODUNKADAL KOLLA'
[i.e the stretch of Mountains and river Pakruli was devastated by Tsunami.]

Naikkeren the chief poet of the Head Tamil Sangam was a fisherman and he was from that NEITHAL area only.
If one travels exactly 180 degree south then the nearest land is Antarctica, some 10,450 km down south.
The South West monsoon first hits at Cape Comorin and later only extends to Andaman or Kerala.

It is the place of confluence of three oceans [1] Bay of Bengal [2] Arabian sea and [3] Indian Ocean. It is ideal place to monitor SWM / NEM winds. But there is NO DOPPLER WEATHER RADAR to monitor the SWM / NEM winds. Land-Ocean-Atmosphere interaction is important in studying weather. Kanyakumari has more mysterious things. 

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