Monday, June 28, 2010

For the second consecutive day Rains lash chennai
Midnight showers batter chennai 4-5cm would have been recorded in the city. From June Chennai has recorded 130 mm and for the year around 340 mm. Its the heaviest rainfall received in the month of June for more than a decade.

Low pressure to form near chennai coast on 28th June according to GFS.


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Very cloudy in Chennai now!!!

  2. Pradeep8:32 PM

    Another comedy piece of News
    2000mm from June 11 in Mumbai

    With the city receiving over 2,000mm rainfall since June 11, the official onset of the monsoon, Sathi Devi, director of Mumbai Met Department, spoke to DNA about favourable conditions of the south west monsoon and its progress in the state.

  3. Satellite picture shows no clouds nor low pressure off TN coast.

  4. Pradeep10:12 PM

    Dear SSET,

    Yesterday GFS showed something near edge of chennai is the link

    and today morning it was there temporarily