Sunday, May 23, 2010

Readings as on 23rd. May:
Hottest in Asia: Sibi and Nawabshah (Both Pakistan): 50c
Hottest in India: Churu (Rajasthan): 47.7
Hottest Nights:Bikaner:32.9c,Chandigarh:32c, Sibi and Larkana(Pakistan):32c

Mumbai day temperatures Colaba:36.0c, Mumbai S'Cruz:34.5c.And 29.2c the minimum.
Next few days, Mumbai will have partly cloudy skies, hot and humid, with nights possibly going upto 30c.


  1. GFS predcting cyclone to hit Gujarat, Pakistan coast around June 7th-8th....Will this happen????

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  3. Pradeep,
    I do not see cahnce of any cyclone in the Arabian Sea,till June 10th. at least. Like I mentioned in my blog, the monsoon current will slow down end May, and re-group towards Goa/Maharashtra in 1st.week of June.
    You may communicate on e-mail for faster inter action. My mail is on my blog.