Friday, May 21, 2010

Path of MAY month Cyclones

If the cyclone tracks of the Month of May is viewed most of them will take re curvature and hit Bangladesh or Myanmar. "Alia" was not an exception. Similarly to day [20 May 2010 / 2135 hrs IST] also it is to think that "LAILA' will follow the suite even after the land fall.
However LAILA has grown through out its journey up to 13-14 km height and slopped SW wards. Most of the rain bands formed NW-SE direction and gave copious rain fall in that route.
Usually when a cyclone eye tends to cross the coast [in the first half portion of a circle / or elongated circle]the winds at northern most crossing point will be North Easterly. Further to its SOUTH,the winds will be NORTHERLY. Still further to south,winds will be North Westerly and WESTERLY respectively. When the center of eye crosses it would be a calm wind. Later,when the other half portion of the circle crosses,winds will be South Easterly at the northern most point, further to its South positions Winds will be Southerly to South Westerly respectively.
Usually Bay storms in May has varied effects on monsoons. There were instances where monsoon was bountiful and there were examples where monsoon was normal or worst.
Storms formed during May and September MAY indicate the weak or lesser strength in monsoonal wind. [Need NOT be the entire monsoon.]

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