Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Highest rainfall in South India -- discussion !!

Dear Pradeep,
Chinna Kallar [Coimbatore District] and Devala [The Nilgiri District]gets its maximum rainfall during SW monsoon period only. This time, as has been predicted earlier there will be lesser amount of rainfall during SW monsoon period in the western sides of western ghat where Chinna Kallar and Devala are located. This is an indication. Your pre- monsoon (up to 7.5.2010) study somewhat depicted rainfall pattern especially during SW monsoon period. However Kanyakumari district is also known for its copious rainfall. The western side of the district will easily get more than 1500mm annual rainfall. Some of the locations in the hills like Upper Kothaiyar, Balamore etc are getting rainfall greater than 2500mm [upper Kothaiyar still gets more rainfall ranging to 3500mm] However upper Kothaiyar has to be accessed by road from Ambasamudram only.
Hence Chinna Kallar or Devala overtaking the toppers before May end is LESS probable only.

Posted by Ponnachi G Son

Thanks for ur views - i am from place near gets good rain in may......!

Which is the rainiest place in Tamilnadu

i have seen ur blog it says

Upper Nirar Dam is the Rainiest place in the region

wat abt CHINNAKALLAR u have year data of all the places u have discussed..can u share with us...i dont think chinnakallar's SWM rainfall to be 2975mm....whats its annual rainfall....!

posted by Pradeep

Chinnakallar (Upper Nirar) recorded the highest of 366 mm rainfall

Upper Nirar i.e., Chinna Kallar recorded the highest rainfall of 423 mm

Chinnakallar-91, Upper Nirar-91

both Upper Nirar & Chinna Kallar
are same...according to IMD

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