Saturday, January 09, 2010

Indian meteorologists’ state of the art weather forecast to aid farmers ..

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Farmers mainly depend on the timely forecast on RAIN. All India Summar Monsoon Rainfall [AISMR] is a major rainy season for entire India except Tamilnadu. However the vagaries of monsoon in time and space affects mainly agriculturalists.
    A simple solution is to have more dependentable raingauges in all locations at an interval of say 10km [i.e roughly one raingauge for every 250 square km]. This will help identify rainfall pattern of a patricular region say taluk wise. Taluk level rainfall summary, even if possible to block level, will help enumurate drough and flood in a precise manner. Long term irrigation plans based on the taluk / block level rainfall data will be more realistic. This will help farmers too. Irrigation and agricultural stragies can be planned on the rainfall summary. Precise drough / flood affected locations can be identified. In real practise each state government is maintaining atlest one raingauge st taluk level. No taluk level rainfall summary is arrived at by any taluk or district level administration in India. Of course IMD is disseminating district level rainfall summary. But atleast taluk level rainfall summary will be more useful. Since district some time may spread to different climatological zones at certain places and at certain time the district level summary may not reflect realistic rainfall distribution.