Friday, November 27, 2009

Informative Sweet little reader comments

READER:: sset said...
Very strange. Last year same time we had cyclone Nisha. This year weakest of monsoon. In fact we can't even say this is monsoon. Back to dog days for TamilNadu.

Sweet & informative reponse from another READER::
Dear SSET,
Asian Summer Monsoon which is a giant wind pattern originating from Mascerene High {30 S /60 E.The moisture laden winds blow across Indian Ocean and also [1] Arabian sea [2] Bay of Bengal [3] south China Sea and brings rainfall to all Asian countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc. This monsoon rain is life line for people live in these countries. In India 90% of the entire continent except Tamilnadu is getting rainfall during SW monsoon period. [TN too gets rainfall 36-42 percent of annual rainfall.
North East Monsoon is smaller system compared to SW monsoon. Further NEM is nothing but reversal of wind pattern or retreating SW monsoon. During this season only TN is mainly benefited.
Of course Mumbai recorde 94.7 cm rainfall during July 2005. Even in Tamilnadu there are places like Kuthiraivetty in Tirunelveli district which during 1991 November cyclone received 97.0cm rainfall. This is ONE DAY ANNUAL MAXIMUM RAINFALL recorded in TN. Recently KETTY recorded 82.0 cm rainfall. NEM is also life line for TN.
CHINNA KALLAR, DEVALA, UPPR KOTHIYAR, are the wettest places in TN where the annual rainfall is more than 3000 mm to 5500 mm.
Chinna Kallar is the wettest place in south India. It receives more than 5500 mm rainfall annually.
So Please do not blame it.


  1. sorry to differ Agumbe has a annual rainfall of 7500mm

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    AGUMBE no doubt is also a wettest place. Chinna Kallar some times exceeds 7500 mm mark. There were reports that Chinna Kallar received nearly 9000 mm rainfall.[Subject to verification]
    Agumbe is close to 15 Degree Parallel and Chinna Kallar is at 10Degree Latitude.
    [15 degree Latitude is considered to be the SW wind core ]
    No doubt AGUMBE deserves to be the wettest place which is in KARNATAKA.

  3. No we are not blaming Tamil Nadu. ElNino is not bringing vigorous NE monsoon. Why is it so? Generally it is observed that south india is becoming more and more dry with less rainy days. Take example of Bangalore it is extremely hot and temperature touches 39-40 degrees in summer, we don't see any rains here. But places like Maharashtra, Gujarat are receiving extremely good rains (5-6 months) of rain.