Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cricket weather - 1st Test, Ind v Eng at Chennai

Weather forecast for 1st cricket test match between India and England at Chennai, from 11-Dec-08 to 15-Dec-08.

Before going into forecast, take a look at the latest satellite pic from IMD.
Since the remnant of "07B" is moving north in Arabian sea, there's a possibility that the cloud formations in the South-Bay of Bengal (near srilanka) can move inland and cause some scaterred showers over Tamilnadu.
And recent 5 day COLA GFS models suggests that there'll be showers for Tamilnadu coast after 13-Dec-08.
Forecast for the match days:
Partly cloudly with sunshine thru all days of the match.
Since the North-east current is strong, there are 60% chance of mild/sharp showers in early mornings, before the start of play. And 50% chance of showers in late evening also, that too after the match time is over.
So RAIN will not affect the course of play during the first 3 days.
Last 2 days of the match might be affected by some heavy sharp showers, that too a 70% possibility.
We'll keep tracking the weather conditions of the match.

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