Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Nisha" - Erratic and Raging

Nisha's path is quiet erratic.
Now it's very near to Karaikal... this time it'll make landfall.
Chennai is receiving very heavy rains.. thru the night,morning and now (9:51AM).
There's water ..water .. everywhere!
Here's the latest satellite pic from BBC

and here's the latest JTWC tracking.

Here are some rainfall details recorded at 8:30 AM, 26-Nov-08.
Orathanadu (Thanjavur dt) and Vedaranyam 33 each, Parangipettai and Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt) 28, Thiruvidaimaruthur (Thanjavur dt) and Mayiladuthurai (Nagapattinam dt) 26 each and Sirkali (Nagapattinam dt) 25.
Now the numeric models show that less chance of that December-1st week cyclone..


  1. That was one Helluva Rains a few hours ago. It poured and poured as if there is no tommorrow.

    Now looking at the latest GFS forecast, there is a possiblity of another Cyclone around Dec 3rd, may be not a super cyclone..But this cyclone is seen tracking along the same path as NISHA. Are we ready for another one ??

  2. Lets wait for some time hoe this low develops

    December 3rd Possible Cyclone

  3. It is 4.10 PM in Chennai(meenambakkam). Rain has stopped few minutes ago. I notice that the clouds are moving from East/South-East... What could be the reason?

  4. It is still raining here in Virugambakkam. The South East movement could mean the cloud mass is moving north to South Andhra.They need rains too dont they !!

  5. It's pouring again... When the cloud & wind is from EAST it'll rain, rain and rain.
    Now that the WIND force has died down, we are into very heavy rainfall.

  6. S all south east movement heavy rain lashing in guindy now 7pm

  7. 50cm of rain for last 5 days and on friday morning its still pouring. city is flooded reminds me of 2005. No city can cope this kind steady rain of 10-14 cm of rain for 5 days