Thursday, November 22, 2007

Partly Cloudy and chances of rain

Here i'm after 24hrs of my previous forecast.
Yesterday it was dry and we had cold winds from North-North-West.
Today the wind direction is slightly from North-East, this should be good for the chances of rain.
Our forecast is we might have light showers in the evening OR night of 22-Nov-2007.
You can see the present conditions in this pic...

Also here is the INFRARED pic of south-asia, you can see(Extreme right of the pic) the 2 T.Cyclones (Hagibis and Mitag) near Philipines. Will the "Hagibis" cross land and come into Bay-of-bengal LIVE? 3 more days for this answer. Previously these kind of systems has crossed into bay and grew again.

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